13 14th Street, Wheeling, WV 26003

Shelly Smedley - General Manager

I am a Wife, Mom, Step-mom, Grandma, Aunt. I have been married to Vince Smedley for 17 years. I have experience in marketing, economic development, Human Resources, and sales. The local economy and community mean everything to me.

Mary Jo Martin - Administrative Assistant

I'm Mary Jo Martin. I have been working at Wheeling Coffee & Spice for 36 years. I'm in charge of Accounts Receivable and I take care of incoming phone calls and online orders. I have worked at the coffee shop making drinks for customers when necessary, having helped to create the original, and later, the enlarged coffee shop as it is today. I love interacting with our customers, both in the shop and on the phone. I think it's great when I get to meet someone in person with whom I have talked to for years on the phone!

In my spare time, I like to sew, but all too often recently I find myself playing word games on my cell phone. I love all music (except country) from classical to opera and even some rap (for the beat). I also truly appreciate our Wheeling Symphony Orchestra and love attending the Blues Fest in the summer.

I have one terrific daughter who has always counted on my sewing expertise for anything special she has wanted made for her.

Frances Jaquay - Master Barista

I am Franny. I have been with Wheeling Coffee & Spice Company for 19 years. I love working with the public and love my job as barista. I enjoy all sports and I love animals, especially my cats. Stop by and see us. Prices are very reasonable.

Larry Sprowls - Warehouse Manager and Master Coffee Roaster and Packer.

I am Larry Sprowls. I have worked for Wheeling Coffee for 5 years and previously for 2 years. I also do the maintenance on the coffee machines and plant equipment.

I do taxidermy assistance for a small company and build turkey calls. Country and oldies music are my favorite and I love to fish and hunt. I'm a Veteran for the United States Marine Core as a heavy equipment operator.

I have 3 children, 3 step-children, and 9 grandchildren.

John A. Taylor -Sales

Hometown: Washington, PA
Trinity High School Grad 1967
U.S. Navy Vet 1967-1971
Worked in retail 42 years before retiring from Sprowls City Appliances & TV as Manager.
Bartended at 3 bars in Washington, PA on the side for 39 years, and at weddings.
Married Peg Comer 25 years ago and moved to Wheeling.
We have 5 children between the two of us and 6 grandchildren.

Joe Amato - Sales and Delivery Driver

Joe is a part time salesman and delivery driver for Wheeling Coffe & Spice. He is responsible for building new relationships with new businesses and servicing existing clientele to bring the boutique flavors of our products to the residents throughout the tri-state area.

Prior to joining Wheeling Coffee in the fall of 2014, Joe retires from Wheeling Nisshin where he worked as a crew leader. He also has experience in restaurant managment, operations, and customer service.

Joe is a graduate of Shadyside High School and Marietta College. He resides locally with his wife of 44 years. Outside of work, he and his wife spend their time in Long Island NY, Charlotte NC, and the Pocono Mountains of PA where they visit their 3 children (who frequently ask for deliveries of Wheeling Coffee & Spice favorites) and their 5, very active grandchildren. Joe is also a gluten for punishment. He is a life long fan of the Cleveland Browns and is looking forward to their resurgence as an NFL power.

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